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We need to break the cycle of silence, only then can you began to heal, and help others heal too .Thanks for your many excellent comments on Guns and States.I looked at rape, a crime that sounds like it should be associated with other violent crimes but which almost never involves firearms.Unfortunately, the results were really weird: As you can see, rape is negatively correlated with robbery and %black, insignificantly correlated with homicide and urbanness, and positively correlated with gun ownership and suicide rate (which itself is heavily correlated with gun ownership).Crisis Toll Free Hotline 1-844-856-2317Sicangu Oyate (Rosebud Reservation) is located in south central South Dakota and is comprised of 22 communities spanning 1,442 square miles.

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Our community can depend on us for response and support.I also added one more variable in an attempt to explain some of this: MFRatio, which is the number of men per 100 women in the state.That certainly mattered a lot, but doesn’t take away from the confusingness of the other variables.WBCWS provides services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.The primary purpose of WBCWS has always been to offer safe shelter to victims of violent crimes on the Rosebud. was initially founded in 1977 as a non-profit organization, and in 1980 our organization became the first women's shelter on an Indian Reservation in the United States.

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