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Unable to work due to their harsh treatment in detention, Jones and Soni left Saudi Arabia soon thereafter.

Bayar was held in solitary confinement, was closely interrogated but not tortured, did not sign any confession, and was released after 11 days without charge after the U.

State Department through the behind-the-scenes efforts of Bayar's wife Julia, a former Washington DC lobbyist, which secured the intercession of Bayar's local U.

On 3 May, an American doctor Gary Hatch received injuries to his face and hands after opening a parcel bomb in his office in Al Khobar. All of those involved in the 'alcohol trade' were arrested and detained.

According to witnesses, they separated Christian and Muslim workers they found and shot the Christians.

Of those killed, 19 were foreign civilians, three were Saudis.

Tony, who had worked in the Kingdom for almost 25 years, had been an active member of Saudi Arabia's underground church and although unconfirmed, most who knew him, believe he was gunned down for his impassioned but indiscreet efforts to spread the Christian faith within Saudi Arabia.

On 15 September, Edward Muirhead-Smith, a British man working for Marconi , was shot to death in his car outside a supermarket in Riyadh.

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Saudi security forces and Al-Qaeda cell members waged a three-day gunfight starting 3 April in the town of Al-Ras in the Qassim region.The bomb was placed underneath his vehicle and detonated as it approached a traffic signal.Although the driver and his three passengers were injured, all survived the attack.Less than one month later on 15 December in Al Khobar , a small IED in a juice carton left on the vehicle in the parking lot of the Souks Supermarket — now Panda of British national David Brown exploded as he attempted to remove it.Brown survived but lost his sight and part of his right hand.. During detention, Jones was subjected to torture to extract a 'confession' before being released without charge after 67 days.

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