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Oh yes, Giselle married Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and then stayed in the real world.So if it is ten years later, that means that her stepdaughter Morgan (Rachel Covey) is going to be full grown.will take place 10 years after the original movie, following Giselle as she questions her "happily ever after" life, which triggers events that disrupt everyone's lives in both the real world and the fantasy land of Andalasia.Disney first started developing Enchanted 2 in 2010, when next summer, although the studio has not set a release date at this time.'s Anne Fletcher was set to direct, but it looks like things are going differently.It should be noted that both to these actors have directed films with music and dance.

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With Enchanted we see exactly how a fairy princess would look and behave in modern day New York. In what must have been an exhausting role, she is never out of character.

If you can't appreciate just what a great performance she gives then try spending a day acting as innocent and joyful as her Giselle, with a constant smile on your face and never uttering a discouraging word. The musical number in Central Park is one of the great "feel-good" movie moments of the year.

From the animated opening to the final "They lived happily ever after" spoken by Julie Andrews, Enchanted does indeed live up to its title.

Often funny and always fun, Enchanted is a delightful family film that shows that real life cannot be avoided but a little fantasy thrown in can sometimes help. This movie is enchanting and Adams gives a great performance. It would have been so easy to go to far and end up being a parody of the Disney princess, poking fun at all of the conventions of those Disney cartoons.

Instead, it's kind of like growing up and facing reality without ever losing the magic.

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