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[Source: Robert Eno, Indiana University / / ] Good Websites and Sources on Confucianism: Robert Eno, Indiana University; Confucianism ; ; Religion Facts Confucianism Religion Facts ; Confucius .; Confucian Texts Chinese Text Project ; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Cult of Confucius /academics.; Confucian Temple China Vista ; Virtual Temple tour Report Qufu Wikipedia Wikipedia Travel China Guide Travel China Guide ; UNESCO World Heritage Site: UNESCO Books on Confucianism and Confucius: There is a classic account of Confucius’s biography by Herrlee Creel: (New York: 2007). Robert Eno: “Among the many translations of the “Analects” , well crafted versions by Arthur Waley (New York: 1938), D. Lau (Penguin Books, 1987, 1998), and Edward Slingerland (Indianapolis: 2003) are among the most accessible published.The “Analects” is a terse work with an exceptionally long and varied commentarial tradition; its richness and multiple levels of meaning make it a living document that reads differently to each generation (as true in China as elsewhere).In the early Song, however, scholars focused on the original Five Classics again.By the mid-Song, however, the Analects, Mencius, Great Learning, and Doctrine of the Mean began gaining importance and by the early fourteenth century, the Four Book were the texts for the civil examinations. Wilson, Hamilton College, the Cult of Confucius: Images of the Temple of Culture /academics.

First, I have to do my usual thing of reminding everyone not to take these results too seriously.There are five Confucian classics: 1) the “Book of History” (“Book of Documents”), a collection of documents ascribed to ancient Emperors and officials; 2) the “Book of Songs” (“Poetry,” “Shijing”), an anthology of early poems also known as Book of Poem; 3) the “Book of Changes” (“Yijing,” “I Ching”), a manual of divination and philosophical appendices; 4) “Rites” (“Li Chi”), a compendium of rituals; and 5) “The Spring, Autumn Annals,” a chronicle of the state of Lu; and the attached Zuo Commentary.In Confucius's time there was an additional classic, Music, but it has been lost.Also, if you’re a guy who likes women and you have no dog, maybe you want to reconsider: 72 percent of the single women surveyed responded that a dog is the “hottest pet a guy could own.” Pet Smart Infographic" / Also, it turns out that owners of dogs are a little bit more, uh, dogmatic about their choice in pets: 97 percent of cat owners were open to dating “dog people,” but only 66 percent of dog owners are willing to cross that line.Apparently, switch hitters just aren’t as common among dog fans.

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