Channel 4 dating in the dark

It has many new features and is often recommended to first-time players.However, it does not necessarily replace the original Play Station 2 version; Persona 4 enthusiasts may still find value in the original version as Golden re-did certain enemy stats, dungeon aspects, voices for Chie and Teddie, etc.Ignoring Yukiko's pleas, Shadow Yukiko taunts Yukiko, asking why she would want her to stop confessing her true feelings.Shadow Yukiko exclaims that she is Yukiko, and is merely expressing her thoughts.Shocking the once sleepy town, a TV announcer, Mayumi Yamano, is found dead, hanging upside-down from a telephone pole.When the protagonist first watches the Midnight Channel after hearing the rumor from Chie, he finds that he has the power to physically go into the TV, but his TV is too small to support him.He is living with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his younger cousin Nanako Dojima, and attends Yasogami High School, where he becomes friends with Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi and Yosuke Hanamura.

Confused and shocked, Yukiko begs Shadow Yukiko to stop.Unfortunately, Yukiko is kidnapped eventually, and afterwards clear and vivid images of her appear on the Midnight Channel.With Teddie giving analytical support, the protagonist and Yosuke decide to venture into the TV World (specifically Yukiko's dungeon Yukiko's Castle) and use their Personas to fight.Yukiko denies Shadow Yukiko's claims, and tells her that she is not her.Fueled by Yukiko's denial, Shadow Yukiko transforms into a caged bird and attacks the party.

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