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Hes a good distance away from me and he hesitantly calls out asking if Im okay.

I respond with "yeah" but I've been yelling for like 3 hours straight so it comes out as ungodly rasp.

He's salivating like crazy so 1 take him to a stream near by to let him drink Mother fucker pulls me in. At this point now that I'm calming down I realize my boots are now soaking wet with both blood and water.

He goes right the fuck back in I get home, get cleaned up, get the dog cleaned up, and everythings fine UNTIL a couple nights later thing and hears an interesting story my goes to a n Turns out, there had been a black bear in the woods near my house, which people had been keeping an eye out for, but instead they saw (what they thought) was a "humanoid figure covered in spikes dragging a bear covered in blood around by its neck For the next few weeks people were talking about how they heard the "hottific screeching" and how there was blood all down the streets and on the trees.

The dude who asked if I was okay was telling everybody that the "thing" growled at him and he could see it had blood red cyes So now theres a rumor about a demon with razor sharp tendrils who feeds on wild animals by slashing them open and drinking their blood.

Lap dogs don't snap at their master's fingers when there are "good boys" to be had Like Comment Share 0915 point Jason! Like Reply-11m I really really really hope so Like Reply 7m I'm not particularly optimistic either. " Like Reply 5m cant help but think they will spin it in their heads to mean, he is amazing, cause afterall, he is speaking with our enemies, and that must mean peace right? Like Reply 5m Animals, Ass, and Bad: Hey since haven't been active in forever, who wants to hear a story about how I became a local cryptid in my town? Anyways hes got a long lead line on him, robably 3o ft, so hes off doing whatever and my sister is kinda dazed, still sleepy.

Homeboy fucking TAKES OFF and runs into the woods behind my house, taking that lead with him and a good chunk of my sisters palnm skin Whatever he's chasing has speed, and hes keeping up with it So l run outside cause shes screaming his name and start to take off after him.

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    This form of dating is a growing niche within the dating world, with many sites offering an adult dating service, even if their offerings aren't strictly adult oriented.