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" They probably have a worn pool table and karaoke where someone is singing Led Zepplin or (insert recent popular shitty pop song).

Sport highlights are playing on the outdated rear-projection jumbo screen TV and there is an abundance of guys in flannel and neckbeards.

They have two levels of membership, Free and paid memberships.

I want to post this to see if any of you guys are experiencing something similar.

I've tried dating a few Chinese girls but the disadvantages seem to greatly outweigh the advantages.

This has been my experience: Disadvantages: My problem is the sex on demand advantage gets tired very quickly.

When you wake up, you roll over and she is still there.

You smile as she wakes up and ask, "So, have you read any good books lately?

The only other cons are she can be a bit arrogant at times and becomes superficial around certain people (I believe this is a kind of "big fish, small pond" scenario), but she's otherwise a genuine, caring person.Imagine going back to your home country which I'm assuming is in the West, such as America, Canada, or the UK.Now, go into one of those bars with an abundance of neon and those plastic Budweiser banners hanging outside that say something like "Bucket of 6 Bud Light for .25!First Chinese girl I dated defied most of those stereotypes.When I saw her place, there were a stack of books on her desk, all well used.

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