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follows Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, who is blackmailed by his CEO (Oldman) to spy on a rival company run by Ford's character.Hemsworth is engaged to Miley Cyrus, who recently caused a stir after getting a dramatic new haircut.It’s quite amazing that providing something as simple as a meal to a child in need can open the door for a whole family to come to know Jesus. Young Rinah lives with her mother, father and older sister in Antondrimanana, Madagascar.Their family practices exhumation, the religious act of digging up, preparing and celebrating with the bones of deceased relatives.But as we’ve shared the love of Christ, we’ve shown them how to hope and dream.There is a hidden group of people in a very remote part of the African nation of Tanzania.

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We’ve encountered so many people who don’t even know what it means to have a dream for their future…they have no idea what hope is.

The ground was dry so there was no way to be prepared for what was headed her way.

As the hours ticked by, water began to creep toward her beloved home that she’d shared with her husband for more than four decades.

The farther we traveled, the drier it became, until there was hardly any greenery at all.

The earth became dusty, brown and cracked from a lack of water.

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