Common dating serena

For more solid proof, take a look at the video above for a full timeline of the alleged power couple's history. Over the weekend, the 44-year-old rapper was spotted at the grand opening of the Yetunde Price Resource Center, an organization which offers assistance to victims of violence founded by Serena and sister Venus Williams.Because if I didn’t do it, you wouldn’t be able to do it.What I hear Common saying is that ‘I was appreciating all that she was, but I don’t think that was reciprocated and was acknowledged and appreciated for all that I brought to the table.And I couldn’t be the best of who I was or even had to hide the best of who I was.Sometimes people feel like ‘If I focus on you, then you can’t focus on me.’ We can focus on each other and make each other better and build each other up.

Tiffanie Henry, who runs a private practice in Atlanta and has a website called My Intimate Details. Tiffanie: We always want that friend, that good guy friend or that good girlfriend that believes in us, that toots our horn for us, that is ride or die, that really knows our potential.

And so here they are, after first hooking up in his video, the two are apparently now dating and ready to step out together in public.

Just last week, Drake and Serena Williams were caught in an intense make-out session while having dinner in Cincinnati, solidifying in our minds that two are in fact, a couple.

A source close to the stars told us of the pair, “They are, and have been, good friends.” Common admitted to Meredith Vieira last year: “It was kind of eventually a mutual breakup, but she initiated it.

“I discovered I didn’t truly believe in myself wholeheartedly with every morsel that I had in my body, and I discovered that through a breakup.

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