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Bringing a film out so early in the new Oscar-year must be risky: but one can only hope that the voting members have a long enough memory to recognise this movie in these sorts of categories.

There are some interesting crossovers to recent films: both ' The Book Thief' and ' The Monuments Men' were filmed – as this was – in Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam.

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times and recently moved here with my Hungarian wife.

One person after another passed by, a plume of smoke floating in their wake. The question is always “ (a sponge cake with chocolate buttercream topped with caramel).

Twice someone appeared without a cigarette in their hand, but promptly lit up. In Hungary, don’t be surprised if the toilet features a shelf positioned right where your crap makes its debut.

With its complex suffixes and vowel harmony, Hungarian is unlike any other language in the world.Together we made link after link of (organ and rice sausage).It was messy, but that’s the reality of where meat comes from.Not to complain though: The filling cost and she did a stellar job. Despite this, my Magyar is still elementary at best.I know a plethora of words and can express myself on a basic level.

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