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The End User may connect its Facebook account to UNITED INFLUENCERS through the Facebook Connect button (“Login with Facebook”) either during the registration process or after the End User has logged in to UNITED INFLUENCERS.

We won’t compromise in our quest to provide investors with the best and most accurate news, insight and data.The information that UNITED INFLUENCERS INTERNATIONAL AB may access, collect, store and use through Facebook Connect may include the Facebook User Id, Gender, Date Of Birth, Facebook Email and user IDs for business.The End User’s personal information will be used by UNITED INFLUENCERS INTERNATIONAL AB in order to fulfil the End User License Agreement with the End User, to provide UNITED INFLUENCERS, etc.This End User License Agreement for UNITED INFLUENCERS (“End User License Agreement”) grants the End User the right to use the UNITED INFLUENCERS consumer service (“UNITED INFLUENCERS”) provided by UNITED INFLUENCERS INTERNATIONAL AB, org. 559019-1820, Dockplatsen 1, SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden.UNITED INFLUENCERS is an online service for communication and data exchange between the End User and various partners of UNITED INFLUENCERS INTERNATIONAL AB that use UNITED INFLUENCERS as a communications platform – such as companies, organisations and other UNITED INFLUENCERS users – via smartphones and other mobile equipment as well as computers connected to the Internet, in such form as the service may be given by UNITED INFLUENCERS INTERNATIONAL AB from time to time.

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