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Based on your device’s serial number, the manufacturing date is easy to determine: – The first two digits of the serial number are related to the manufacture year of the device – The next two digits are related to the manufacture week The serial number can be found on the identification sticker on the device.

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Much of the data on Peugeots after 1978 is taken from Chuck Schmidt's compilation of Peugeot catalogs, available through Velo-Retro.

Thanks to Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery for providing the translations of the French catalogs.

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The lion appears as Peugeot's trademark in 1858, designed by Justin Blazer, a Montbeliard gold engraver.

In addition, Frank Cogorno of Procycle, manufacturer of current Peugeot bicycles, provided numerous catalogs for the period 1984 to 1999, as well as much valuable information.

I would also like to thank Oscar Casander Peugeot history begins in the 18th century, with Jean Pequignot Peugeot, who built water mills.

The two companies separated, and Cycles Peugeot was formed.

(Click here for a catalog cover illustrating many years of Peugeot catalogs.)The vast majority of French-built Peugeots came from the factories in Beaulieu; by 1974, Peugeot had created an "Atelier Prestige" in that location for their finest hand-built bikes.

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