Dating for cat owners

Looking at apartment listings with rents way above your budget is just depressing, so plug in your ideal price range.Finding a good deal would be great, of course, but as in online dating, beware if it looks too good to be true.And they are definitely, indisputably hotter than dog owners. Cat people don’t get needy or annoying when you’re a little distanced. Cat owners bought a nice scratching post once then learned their cat preferred the box it came in.When it comes to housing, you may be looking for one bedroom or two, a yard or a concrete patio, a small building with few units or the instant community of a larger building.Some people require a generous living space, room to spread out.

Even in towns considered pet-friendly, many apartment owners just say “no” to pets.

Micro apartments — even smaller than typical 450-square-foot studios — appeal to minimalists.

People who enjoy glorious vistas from their current lodgings can’t cope with views of brick walls or the neighbor’s house across the way, so they look for more drama.

Also, I must have a parking place, ideally a garage or carport.

Inside, I want enough space to bring along my dining room table and my grandmother’s cedar chest.

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