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On the top of the pass there is convenient viewing point that lets you observe the surroundings from the height of 1200 m.

Aktash hydro power plant The unfinished HPP stands on the right bank of the river Chuya.Teletskoye lake, stone mushrooms, Katu-Yaryk mountain pass, Pazyryk burials, Krasnyye vorota (Red gate), relay station in Aktash, geyser lake, abandoned Aktash hydro power plant, Yoshtykyol, river Chuya in Kurayskaya prairie, Martian landscapes, petroglyphs of Kalbak-Tash, the Chuya and Katun confluence, Chuyskiy tract, Sarlyk mountain.Difficulty of the route: Teletskoye lake The largest lake in the republic and second deepest after Baikal, Teletskoye is in the south-east of the Altai Republic. Steep slopes around the lake mostly consist of sand, pebbles and boulders.Katu-Yaryk mountain pass Katu-Yaryk is a rather steep descent into the valley of the river Chulyshman, its height from the base is 800 m, length is 2,5 km.Drivers will have to go through 9 turns with an average incline of 18% (10°) on a gravel road – only an off road vehicle can handle that.

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