Dating the age of tires

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We also don't know anything of significance about balloon-tired bikes, muscle bikes, mountain bikes, Campy parts newer than about 1987, index shifting, clipless pedals, or repainting / re-decaling bikes, sorry....

Fork blades are the early "Imperial Oval" (29 x 16) size, are about 370 mm long, and are pre-raked for about 40 mm of finished fork offset, but can be raked further.

Prototypes are undergoing real-world testing currently, and the design is now firm.

Please check our Heron Bicycles division's website soon at further details.

We now have many colors of Newbaum's cloth bar tape. 260 cm.) so you can wrap really wide bars with just two rolls of this tape.

These are very high-quality earth-friendly products, and each roll is 45 cm. Price is .00 for ten rolls, the same as the French Tressostar/Velox. SPK-RTE305, .00/box of 100 (or buy 3 boxes for 0.00) . Vintage Reynolds 531 standard-gauge double-butted tubesets still available!

So far, we have black, white, red, orange, yellow, gray, pink, medium blue, dark blue, Herse blue, Bianchi Celeste, and eggplant. We have had much positive feedback on this excellent-looking USA-made product. Matching downtube shifters are also available, which will index for 7/8-speed or go friction. NOS Robergel "Trois Etoiles" Stainless Steel double-butted 15/16/15 spokes still available! They are NOS in the oh-so-retro-cool yellow triangular box, 100 spokes per box. Some other lengths are now available, but in the 75-spoke boxes, for .00/box, or 3 boxes for 0.00 Note: we also have some NOS chrome-plated double-butted spokes (typically Berg-Union of Germany) in several other lengths, in 100-packs, for the same price as the Trois Etoiles 100-packs (.00). These are NOS from 1974, and were properly stored indoors after being coated with Cosmolene, so there are no condition problems.

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