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) therefore people may never tell you they don’t drink. So here is my problem: I’ll have the odd glass of something, but Mr Thesis Whisperer doesn’t drink at all, so there’s no occasion to open the gifted bottles of wine at home.I don’t want to use them to cook with as that seems rude, so I have a shelf full of bottles of wine which lovely people have given me that I have never got around to consuming.

What do you think is the appropriate gift giving etiquette for the supervisor student relationship?Have a look at this post on Christmas baking for some ideas.Just make sure you don’t give your supervisor food poisoning…Writing A few people told me they were giving their supervisor a conference paper or overdue chapter draft to read for Christmas. There is not a Christmas that goes by that I am not reading a thesis draft from a student or a friend (I’m looking at you Jason Downs).I find the holidays a surprisingly good time to do this kind of work.

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