Dating whiting davis enamel mesh purse

Beads first had to be strung according to the pattern before knitting could begin.

Because an extraordinary amount of time and effort went into making knitted, beaded handbags, they garnered extremely high prices.

This exceptional knitted, beaded scenic bag required the utmost skill to complete. 1920s–30s Francecelluloid, rhinestones, silk cord From the Collections of Paula Novell Higgins and Mary Nunn L2015.2304.019; .020, L2015.2308.026 During the mid-1920s to ‘30s, women’s fashions changed dramatically.

Inspired by film stars, women now wore eye makeup and lipstick, cut their hair in short bobs, and smoked openly in public for the first time.

Purses have a rich and varied history dating to the medieval period.

Many purses were fabricated from new plastics, such as celluloid and Bakelite.Purses have been recognizable since the eighteenth century, when leather and needlework purses were preferred.Beaded purses became popular in the nineteenth century, went out of style, but are again in use.A variety of novelty purses took the shape of dogs, cars, dolls, rocket ships, and even military caps.This stylish accessory remains an indispensable component of female fashion. 1914Europeglass beads, metal, fabric, silk From the Collection of Melissa Overdorf L2015.2306.004 Knitted, beaded bags required thousands of beads and could take weeks to complete.

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