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Spokesman for the tribunal, Nicole Simeon, declared that Moise, who campaigned on behalf of the Bald Heads Party (PHTK) led by former President Michel Martelly, won 55.6 per cent of the votes.

His closest rival Jude Celestin only mustered 19.5 per cent of the vote.

“The doctors kept me in hospital overnight to make sure everything is as it should be,” Mc Laughlin said.

Those results were scrapped after authorities ruled there was widespread fraud.

If you suspect you have zika, please seek medical attention at your nearest clinic.

Symptoms of zika can be managed by: • Getting plenty of rest • Drinking fluids to prevent dehydration • Taking medicines, such as acetaminophen, or paracetamol to relieve fever and pain.

The laser then activates the light-sensitive drug to kill the cancer, leaving the healthy prostate behind.

Following this treatment, 49 percent of patients went into complete remission.

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