Ed swiderski and jaclyn swartz dating

While still pompous and arrogant, Kalon is a character and much more suited for bachelorpad and I actually hope he sticks around.Chris Bukowski: Also known as Creepy Chris to the RHAP fans and he is going to continue being known as creepy.This is because in the Bachelor Pad, girls talk and they get jealous easily so Chris is going to need to be careful before he goes from girl to girl.So I see Chris being an instigator of many tears and catfights among the other girls.I see him being what Rachel calls a floater, but his partner right now is Lindzi Cox from Ben’s season and she is one of the best liked so we’ll see maybe Tony will do good this season.Ed Swiderski: Ed is a good choice; he is a known ladies man.Nick is known for always working out but you would not really know that because he maybe spoke once in his season and was shown maybe once.Ryan is known for being a virgin on Deanna’s season and for still being a virgin now, we’ll see how that works out for him.

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Although Michael does not really start that much drama because he is so well liked, the other players and the girl “fans” adore him. He says he is coming back for love, so hopefully people wont see that as a threat because I would love to see him be the “Sandra” of Bachelor Pad., which saw Swiderski upset his partner Jaclyn Swartz by admitting in front of everyone that he did not go on the show to begin a relationship."Ed isn't on the same level as any human being, especially when it comes to human emotion," Harrison told Harrison continued: "Sadly, [it was] in front of everyone else, making it one of the biggest male gaffes ever.But Ed is not known for his tact and he knows he sucks at relationships."He's terrible with women.He revels in his role as “villain” driving up in his convertible and saying he needs the money for helicopter fuel.He too isn’t afraid of lying since he has already said he is lying to everybody in the house.

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