Eddie cibrian leann rimes still dating

But Rimes quickly found out that having an affair would be one of the toughest things she would ever go through.

In an interview with , she said she hit "rock bottom" when news of their tryst swept the entertainment industry.

But when Rimes and Cibrian got reacquainted on the set of the 2009 made-for-TV film , they weren't going to let their relationship statuses stop them from having a very public and super messy affair.

Two years after the film was released, they would leave their respective spouses in the dust and get married during a surprise ceremony at a California estate.

Who knows, but we have to admit, they look absolutely adorable in this picture!

We're loving RImes' ode to the '90s with her choppy 'do, and Cibrian looks like he hasn't aged a day since that photo was taken.

eddie cibrian leann rimes still dating-42

"She's been stressed about always being called a homewrecker and also worried that Eddie is cheating on her.

Here are a few of the wacky facts about their romance.

June 2012 was the first time the couple would celebrate Cibrian's birthday as husband and wife, and Rimes wanted to go all out for her man.

She had a multi-layered cake baked in his honor, and it was decorated with all of Cibrian's "favorite things," according to Rime's tweet.

In the photo of the yummy dessert that was shared on her social media account, the frosted creation looked pretty delicious at first glance.

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