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In 1975 she received the Vicky Metcalfe Award for her writingse Ryerse.Born February 1798 Port Ryese, Upper Canada (Ontario) Died London, Ontario March 19, 1882.By 2004 she had published over 10 books and in 2007 she earned the Golden Eagle Childrens Choice Book Award given annually to an Albertan writer. in 1942 she married Richard Harrington a renowned photographer and the couple moved to Toronto where Lyn became a freelance writer. In 1967 she received a Centennial grant for a book for youth, The Luck of the La Verendryes.She has written over 17 books and 2300 magazine articles as well as radio drams.Her works are know for their clarity and objectivity of her analysis of character. At the age of 12 while living with her family in the Fraser Valley she sold her 1 newspaper reports to the New Westminster Columbian.

She is a member and has served on the executive of the Writers Association of Nova Scotia.

In 1983 she earned the Alberta Culture Writing for Youth Award and in 1988 she won the R. She worked at the local Public Library and then decided to earn her diploma in libraries at the University of Toronto.

Ross Arnett Award from the Writers Guild of Alberta High School teacher. She would return to the Sault and work as their Childrens librarian for 15 years.

Her stories were told in aboriginal settings teaching the need and respect for the balance of nature.

She has been awarded the Canadian Association of Childrens Librarians Book of the Year Award for Ravens Cry in 1966, and in 1976 for Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses.

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