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If not typed by myself, I will put a note, and credit.All cars will be checked personally or by a close contact to make sure there isn't false information.-Where to find: Harder to find than the SUV version, but you will recognise it easily, its the most modern version of all pick-ups and has a FXT decal on the side._____________________________________________________________________________ Chavos -Type: Sedan -Speed: Average -Weight: Average -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Looks like a Peugeot to me, especially the rear.So if you have gotten a 100% but still want to play, then try to find all the cars on the checklist!And to make sure you don't think it's copying and pasting, I hereby declare that I type EVERYTHING in this guide by myself.

It has, just like in all GTA games it appeared in, got the word BOBCAT embossed in the rear.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission to me, Carlo Ravelli.If permission is given, you may NOT edit this guide in any way.It looks like a Dodge Viper, and sometimes has a racing stripe on it.-Where to find: You need to drive it in one of the side missions in Algonquin _____________________________________________________________________________ Blista Compact -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Also very average, it looks much like a honda civic CRX.

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