Guys dating spreadsheet

Number of dates did not seem indicative of the level of raw connection I felt with each guy, so I suddenly wanted to analyze that, too.I placed a "yes" or "no" next to every name, indicating whether they were tell you if they’re "so busy" or "just coming off a breakup" rather than if they’re in the market for something a bit more serious or "unable to be interested in more than one person at a time." This divided the pool in half.Of the "no" camp, I placed a reason next for the no: "not that into me," "timing," "player," and "meh" were popular answers.I realized that raw connection needed to be analyzed as well, so I started by giving each guy a score of 1 through 10, but that didn't seem to tell enough of a story.I had three decent dates with an "inside sales" guy, which, for whatever reason, were fine but hollow: I could not shake the feeling that he was hiding something.I briefly dated a pilot who was kind and sincere, even though we had next to nothing in common.The more data you collect, the more people you date, the clearer the picture of your wants and needs become.But data without analysis is just a pile of numbers.

Some might value physical attraction more, others personality. Finding a long-term partner who’s right for you is all about taking observational data and mutually making sense of it to a positive end.

Eventually, all the hustle and bustle and romantic energy had left me listless; my head was still spinning in that haze of clipped memories, laughter, drinks, banter, and emptiness.

Lying on the couch one weekend afternoon, I popped open my laptop and an excel spreadsheet, starting from beginning to end.

I was Modern dating is a little bit of everything: meeting new men at events or around town, rediscovering old flames with poor timing, swiping on apps, extending your friend circle to see what sparks might lie on the outskirts. I met a real estate broker for drinks but had much more fun meeting my friends tipsy afterward.

I went out a couple of times with a sarcastic, interesting law student, but our dates felt more like therapy sessions, still swimming in the immediate aftermath of breakup emotions.

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