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Acting abusively is a choice, and abusers need to take responsibility to change their behaviour and get professional help. It is criminal behaviour that abusers use deliberately and purposefully to gain power and control over others.

Victims stay in abusive relationships out of fear, financial insecurity or dependence, a lack of support, a hope for change, and the belief that they have no other choice. Call Victim Services at 902.490.5300 to get help or discuss your options.

Toronto’s Victim Services provide a helpful and detailed guide to safety planning, with translations in 10 languages.

Some victims choose to apply for a Peace Bond to keep the abuser away from them.

These are some of the biggest examples: Benching What is benching?

Well, if you’ve ever played a team sport, you know that being ‘benched’ isn’t such a good thing. Benching is the process that someone you’re interested in might take, that involves staying in contact with you via text, Facebook, Snap Chat etc., but never actually agreeing to make plans in person.

Check out the Metro for a couple other examples as well, and if you’re looking for a laugh, might I suggest Aziz Ansari’s take on dating from his special at Madison Square Garden.

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Learn more or find information on how to apply for an Emergency Protection Order from Family Law Nova Scotia.For example, you ask them what they’re really passionate about, and they respond “idk, I like movies..”. Not exactly the enthusiasm you were looking for was it? Once the sunshine and long days start to happen, everyone is tanned and looking great, it’s hard not to let the mind wander. BUT, having said that, it’s always nice to have someone to be with, regardless of the weather.

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