Indian muslim dating

We’re not looking to promote those that have too much of a foreign bent to them,” he said.

“And while I’m sure they’ll be complaints, I would kindly redirect them to other sites.

The Muslim-American identity is still forming, and the connection to “finding the one” is no different.

I'm student of Al-Hidaya Institute for women, learning Arabic Tajweed rules, Tafseer and Translation of Quran.

Even for those single adults whose parents encourage their children to find a mate on their own struggle to find an outlet where they can be care-free, but also establish a connection rooted with a similar intention.

Despite the horror stories that often come with Tinder (see @tindernightmares on Instagram), these Tinder-inspired apps don’t focus on the hookup culture—instead, they cater to Muslim-Americans who are seriously getting tired of their aunties or judgmental rishteywaalis setting them up.

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While online dating has been around for some time now, mobile matchmaking apps are now taking flight.Finding a partner for Western Muslims is a huge problem and this app seeks to address that market.”The problem remains huge for Muslims who are not really into online dating to begin with, but don’t have enough community mixers—or encouragement—to meet someone of the opposite sex that connects with them on every level.For 24-year-old Halema, online dating was always never an attractive option, but now she’s reconsidering.“Everyone—even those aunties at weddings—tell me an online profile is the way to go.All four apps have their differences; while Muz Match is more developed, where you have the option to select your hobbies and add a guardian/wali to your correspondence, Minder is the opposite—with less features, following a simple template of adding a short and sweet profile, swiping, matching, and chatting.Minder is less policed than its counterparts but profiles still require an approval, and only serious users with credibility are given the green light.

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