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Have you subscribed to negative stereotypes about your own race?

A couple embarking on an interracial partnership must prepare themselves for curious stares and racist comments you have never before experienced. If you are not a strong person - mentally and emotionally - then interracial dating is best avoided.

Those of you that feel insecure and need the approval of others to be okay about your choices will find an interracial relationship to be a source of great stress and confusion.

If you decide to go ahead and take the leap, do all you can to keep the lines of communication open.

Deborrah has studied love and dating for over 15 years and has appeared in numerous media outlets and is a frequent guest on 106.1 FM KMEL in San Francisco.

in Mass Communication and has written the book Sucka Free Love.

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Should it turn out that their complaints are related strictly to your partner's race, it's time for you to stand strong for your convictions. Do all within your power to encourage an honest discussion on race, racial stereotypes, family and love. Com Interracial Relationships Survey has logged more than 9,100 responses and been used in dozens of student research reports on the subject all over the world.Loving them will mean you do all you can to understand that not everyone has had the experiences, privileges or even the problems that you have!I think that would depend strictly upon your age, maturity level, and level of independence.None of the mainstream Christian denominations discourage or prohibit interracial marriage.Related article: What Does the Bible Say About Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage?

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