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He has had relationships with women his age and got tired of the drama and selfishness.

Interesting how you are so wrong about me being "locked down'.

" They didn't settle down when they were at their market peek.

A lot of individuals put a priority on a number of other things, even on the shallow requirements you list.

Western women are set-up to fail by the feminist ideology they learn at school.

But you're right that i'm sometimes behaving like a kid.

Few men actually select women on actual fertility potential up front.

Please read up on statistics and biology before posting more nonsense.

I will never cohabitate in the Western world because of commen law marriage risks.

You can still enjoy the company of men, if so inclined, less the responsibilities/burdens/expectations that marriage brings, which take a lot of energy to fulfill.

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    No credit card needed to read your messages, review matches, flirt, send messages, see who viewed your profile and much more! It's time to find someone special, if not now, when? I retired way too early 8 years ago as i sold off my businesses and decided to enjoy the beach.

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    He squirmed and fidgeted in his seat while still trying to hold a conversation with Mom who was herself distracted. The normal inhibitions that would have prevented us all from acting this way had broken down completely.

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    This northeastern state has plenty for visitors to see and do including 14 amusement parks.