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They are the Great Chroniclers of Life and Letters.

Their names will hang weighty on the pages of the long after they are buried beneath this dusky earth of ours, as long as there is anything article-shaped of theirs left to publish. Every morning he asks his children what they would like to eat that night for dinner: salmon or, perhaps, capon?

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If you're Malcolm Gladwell, you can publish your book proposal in a national magazine. Wasn't the most talented college basketball team of the 1990s, properly speaking, a bunch of underdogs? Haven't you ever wondered about anything, you incurious philistine?Many forget that families are society’s smallest social units and important to its functioning. Continue GREETINGS ALL THE AAAEE WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US THESE PAST 8 YEAR.THE AAAEE WILL NOT BE HOSTING THE AUTHORS & EMPOWERMENT EXPO IN 2018 BUT PLEASE LOOK FOR US TO RETURN IN 2019.In which Lena Dunham reveals a personal point of view exactly like the personal point of view she is revealing in every other outlet and medium."I haven't been grocery shopping in more than a year.Currently, my refrigerator contains old yogurt, old vinegar, and whatever kind of medicines you're told to keep cold (usually prescribed for your vagina).

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