Ntpdate not updating clock behavior in dating

Which action would synchronize a new router's clock with NTP Server?

[edit system ntp} [email protected]# show boot-server 1.254; ================================== * is it necessary to configure the NTP server using " set server 1.254 " ?

To do this, you need to configure the Linux Mint operating system properly. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance Software manager and look for this package. In the screenshot below, I have it installed: If your setup does not have it, then install the ntpdate package."ntpdate" is a lightweight package which can be used to obtain time from the Internet using NTP (network time protocol). Unlike Cinnamon, other desktop environments offer a different way to sync time via NTP or do not have a GUI at all.

Having an accurate clock on your server ensures that time stamps in emails sent from your machine are correct.It is not necessary on a machine with a dedicated connection.Protect yourself against NTP server attacks by adding .This setup reduces the number of outgoing connections and guarantees that all of your machines have their time set to the same value.This configuration requires changes to the server settings in the files on each machine.

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