Of changesets and updating

For example, we have a changeset which creates the table with fields of type ' JSON'. So, when we run the changeset against the other database, it fails to create the table. But, the later changesets failed because the table doesnot exist.

Could you please suggest how to refactor the old changeset to make compatible with other database as well? You could try re-creating the changeset to work in the new DB, and adding the "dbms" attribute equal to the new DB to the new changeset.

Granular changesets make it much easier to review source control history, and to identify a single change of interest.

The settings are the same as for the core Firefox 3.5/xulrunner 1.9.1 development.

To create a change set for a running stack, submit the changes that you want to make by providing a modified template, new input parameter values, or both.

AWS Cloud Formation generates a change set by comparing your stack with the changes you submitted.

See Mozilla_Source_Code_(Mercurial)#Client_settings. comm-central has various different branches available. Current possibilities are: For more information on these branches, see the comm-central page.

The Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Lightning and Sunbird source code is contained in several different repositories.

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