Outlook not updating after mailbox move

I receive the following error: Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. I also completely blew away my user profile on another PC without success. But once it attempts to actually open my folders, I get the error.The strange part is that I can access my mailbox from one of the migrated mailboxes that already had full control over my mailbox.I successfully moved to two test mailboxes from 2010 to 2013 (love the new move process btw) and moved my own mailbox on Friday. Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance.After the move completed, I was unable to connect to it via Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 (different PCs). I already removed the mail profile and had it create a new one from scratch.It is hard to predict when your mailbox will be migrated to Exchange Online but you can expect most US based accounts to be moved by end Q1 2016 and most other accounts by Q2.The migration of all remaining accounts is targeted to be completed by the end of 2016.So I think I've got a namespace problem and also maybe an authentication problem? Dumb question: I assume I have to actually manually assign IPv6 addresses to the GC (or all DCs) and the Exchange server?I also removed my mailbox's access from any other 2010 mailboxes. I used this command on 2010 to discover where I had full access permissions: Well I tried to upgrade to CU 8 hoping that that might help since the problem seems isolated to just my own mailbox. Upgrade failed saying that it can't set the shared config DC. Just to close the loop on this one: I added Min Suitable Server = "1" under the line Min Percentage Of Healthy DC = "50" in the file "microsoft.exchange.directory.config" in the CU8 setup folders and in the existing Exchange directory.

The list of limitations that are now overcome was that long, I put them in a separate section at the end.

Or it could be some permissions thing buried somewhere...

I just figured it out - a lot of connecting the dots of various Tech Net KBs and Google-cached blogs....

Lots of people say that all you need to do is enable IPV6 on your DC (all of them or just the GC? I didn't get this when I ran setup back in January with SP1. The setup still failed so I then edited the same file in the existing Exchange directory and then rebooted. Did the same to the other server before running CU8 setup and completed without errors. OWA is working again so I can access my mailbox through that or through the account that has full access to my mailbox.

Still working on why my own profile cannot open its own mailbox in Outlook. I think it may be related to the fact that my account and this second account have the same first and last name although the logon names are vastly different.

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