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And she wasn’t necessarily hesitant about meeting new boys. And getting dates has never been too much of a challenge for her.

One night, in the not too distant past, she goes to play volleyball with some of her girlfriends. One particularly aggressive, tall, handsome player catches her eye.

Henry, taken slightly off guard at her forward behavior, presses her about it.

A little sheepish, Lucy admits that she doesn’t tend to be so brazen, (about dating, anyways,) but that he reminded her of someone that she used to know.

His name is Henry** Lucy, confident little go-getter that she is, walks up and talks to him like it’s no big deal.

They chit chat a bit, and eventually she gets a little bold and suggests that he get her number.

Guitar/Piano jam sessions; Dancing Lessons…cha cha cha; Go an Orchestra Donate Humanitarian, Missionary, BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, LDS Business College, Family Search his teachings central reason sacred book.

Have you perhaps, at times, felt that you keep going out with new people, but something seems oddly familiar about them all.

She, like many of you, has gone on many dates, but just can’t seem to find the right person.

I was able to study the next four hours without a slow connection--life was good.

The Olympic Park was a magical time, I was lucky to be a student then! There are some amazing special exhibits that come and change often, and the cafe is sure to please any foodie.

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