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A 1950s-era stand best known for Italian beef and Italian breaded steak, it's not surprisingly a place making a pretty good dog, too.Whatever you get, it’s all just to lay down a base for the excellent milkshakes, anyway.

Forget all that tomato-and-pickle-on-top business, this is purely mustard, relish, onion, and sport peppers.Bridgeport may be the home of hot dog tradition, but the fast-rising neighborhood is also the cutting edge of hot dogdom, with its Polish-Korean fusion dog (topped with house-made kimchee) at this stand attached to much-loved Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar.Dating back to the old Maxwell St in the 1930s, this two-steps-below-no-frills stand takes you back to the primordial beginnings of Chicago dogs, and even better, the Polish sausage -- the 24-hour friend of the working man.It’s hard not to smile on a hot summer day as you drive up to the penguin on the sign.The dogs are good, not great (they’re skinless, for one thing), but the soft-serve ice cream and the off-the-beaten-path location on a quiet stretch of Busse Hwy make you feel like you’re in a small town far from Chicago.

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