Roaming profiles not updating server

I have a network with one W2008 R2 server (AD controller) and 20 Windows10 workstations.The workstations gradually update to this year W10 (1607) - at the moment 7 of 20 are updated - and immediately after that they stop synchronize user roaming profiles with the server.I'd look at timeout settings first, as they're the most likely culprits in intermittent problems--varying network loads sometimes trigger the problem, sometimes not.It's also remotely possible that the users are logged in 2 places concurrently, which can also cause these kinds of synchronization quirks (it's what's in the last profile they logout that determines what they see next time they login).Well, sadly, that is not correct, and I am guilty of doing just that myself.In order for this hotfix to work we must make a small registry change that needs to be done before it can take effect.When users logged onto the VDI for the first time, and a new v6 profile was created, the start menu and apps folder was fine. As soon as they logged off, their local profile was deleted and the VDI reset to its baseline.When users logged on a second time, the start menu was missing most of its tiles.

Meaning, after every logoff all changes to the VDI are reverted to an initial state, based on a master virtual machine.

Those users didn't find the last version of their profile on their new computer because their profile was not updated anymore on the server.

Every year or so, I encounter the same problem with my own profile.

Per the Deploying Roaming User Profiles there is a new step to using Roaming User Profiles in Windows 10, which is Step 7.

You need to enable the Special Roaming Override Allowed key for the Start menu to display and work correctly.

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