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He could at least get a less baggy and hideously unflattering shirt. They used to be on every Sunday afternoon and did a cooking/sucking/fucking show. Beautiful bodies, handsome, hot gay sex and nice suckable intact cocks. I also think that they are genuinely good people who have not been jaded by life. And the cuter, sexier, younger one always has a roving eye.You think a top would ever work out to try to impress his bottom?!?!? Lorenzo said he would not rule out a 3-some at some point. When you see how well and enterprising Lorenzo has become, I wonder if Pedro had any regret for leaving?

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Being a hung top is fuckin having catnip in the gay world, there are always plenty of bottoms who will want to come over.[quote]Why is everyone focusing on Lorenzo's cock? Do you think they even WOULD be in the first place if not, at least partially, for Lorenzo's big, thick cock?

[quote]I have no idea who these people are, but it's fun to watch their sex tape. He is a happy bottom because he managed to land a good top.

I know you didn't ask but they're a reasonably popular gay couple on Youtube who decided at one point to take on a more "wholesome" image and had all their Chaturbate fuck sessions SCRUBBED from the Internet! They will fight to the death over those.[quote]Pedro cuts Lorenzo's toe nails. I have to admit that's cute but to me, the true test of love is if Pedro and Lorenzo are still together when Pedro's fuckable, suckable ass isn't so irresistible...which, obviously is a LONG way off.[quote}Pedro cuts Lorenzo's toe nails Whatever works for them but Lorenzo seems to be a real taker in that relationship.

Is the dominant one out of shape, and that's why he doesn't take his shirt off during sex shows?

Is he too lazy to work out the way he makes his perfect-looking sub do?

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