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Given onscreen depictions of robots designed for pleasure in Blade Runner and the recent Westworld series, and even artificial intelligence (AI) romance seen in Spike Jonze’s Her, the world seems ready for ‘sexbots’.But a new paper reveals that we have no idea what’s coming – the world of machine intimacy is far more complex and poorly understood than imagined.It is even seen in humans: the Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA lurking in the genomes of almost all modern humans shows that we, too, have a complex reticulated evolutionary history and that we are a hybrid of hominid species.“Next-generation genomic techniques are revealing more and more examples of species with hybrid genomes,” says Kearns.

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i'm psyched on this new video for Duet out today, directed by my genius bestie Eliza Doyle. MVus3hr Ww Cgjv5f Cx REQUEST: Bellows’ van seems to be totaled and we’re not gonna make the Raleigh or Atlanta shows.One company, headed by a CEO with admitted paedophilic tendencies, is already manufacturing child sex dolls, arguing such technology helps to “redirect dark desires”.Given the lack of evidence, however, the authors “strongly caution against the use of paedobots as putative ‘treatment’”.Rather, some organisms have “reticulated histories”, meaning their lines of descent form a network, with lineages occasionally coming together.This, at least, is the conclusion of recent research on the North American common raven (Corvus corax) published in the journal Nature Communications.

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