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– 9/14/14 – Added info on Aegean Airlines flight from London to Lesvos, Greece.– 10/28/13 – Please take the Flying While Fat Survey!I can’t find my tape measure but my last recorded ’roundest bit’ measurement was 63″ – including the largest circumference of my belly and butt.Again, the narrower hips aid me a bit in fitting in to plane seats, though the larger upper body means contorting a bit to avoid constantly being banged on the arm by toilet-bound passengers and drink carts.The fear of people staring, saying cruel things, sighing or making a fuss when I sat next to them or, worse, being asked to leave a flight or purchase two seats — all of this felt insurmountable to me. But I steeled myself, determined to not let fear dictate the terms of my love-life.My world became only as large as my free time and car travel allowed. I was working hard and had a little extra money — enough to buy a first class, domestic ticket. Fueled by lust and giddy with romance, I closed my eyes and jumped.There are no secrets you don’t know that open magical doorways to private airplane compartments with overstuffed couches and big screen TVs replaying episodes of Roseanne.But I am hoping that sharing my personal experiences and the resultant tips & hints will help give a realistic portrayal of flying that both acknowledges the whole sucking part while still presenting it as possible, tolerable and, I hope, worth it for the ways in which it opens up myriad possibilities for new life experiences.

Explain that everyone will be happier if you can lean into the aisle or against the window. Window seats are great if you’ve got a camel bladder like I do. The only risk to window seats is that, depending on the placement of the window, you may have more or less shoulder room. The curve of a well-placed window is great for leaning, but the hard wall between the curves can make for awkward sleeping.

This will mean you’re not tucking in your arms while others are lumbering through with their luggage.

Check at the Gate: You never know who has cancelled last-minute or if people have shifted around on the plane.

Being a quadruple leo does me a lot of good as an activist but, personally, it means I tend to care far too much about what other people think.

Getting over that will probably be a lifetime endeavor for me and it certainly played a large role in keeping me grounded.

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