Sysprep 2 0 error updating registry

Create a new VM in Hyper-V and configure it as such: Start the VM and it should boot from the Lite Touch PE_x64into the deployment environment.

You should be presented with a wizard and the name of the Task Sequence you created earlier. The Task Sequence will now run, install Windows 10 1709, update from the WSUS server, install Microsoft Office applications (if you added them) and then run Windows Update from the WSUS server again to update the Office apps, run Sys Prep and the reboot back into the MDT environment and capture the image.

The reason we do this is so the CU will be installed with the Operating System, rather than relying on WSUS or Windows Updates to download and install it.

The advantage of doing it this way is the entire Task Sequence will be faster and Windows will be up to date when it is installed.

Some useful links before we get started: Installing & Configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Dependencies.

We’ll be using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) version 8450,which fully supports Windows 10 1709.

A lot of the settings are specific to my demo environment such as my location in the world.

[Settings] Priority=Default Properties=My Custom Property [Default] OSInstall=Y Skip Capture=YES Skip Admin Password=YES Skip Product Key=YES Skip Computer Backup=YES Skip Bit Locker=YES Skip Locale Selection=YES Skip Time Zone=YES Skip Domain Membership=YES Skip Summary=YES Skip Final Summary=YES Skip Computer Name=YES Skip User Data=YES _SMSTSORGNAME=Build Share _SMSTSPackage Name=%Task Sequence Name% Do Capture=YES Computer Backup Location=\SERVERNAME\Build Share$\Captures Backup File=%Task Sequence ID%_#year(date) & "-" & month(date) & "-" & day(date) & "-" & hour(time) & "-" & minute(time)#WSUSServer= Finish Action=SHUTDOWN SLShare=\SERVERNAME\Build Share$\Logs Event Service= Testing The Boot Media To test the boot media, copy the Lite Touch PE_x64from \SERVERNAME\Build Share$\Boot to a location where a Hyper-V Virtual Machine will be able to access it.

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If you wish to customise the installation to a greater degree, the Office Customization Tool can be launched from the Office Products tab.

Create a Task Sequence Blocking Internet Access to prevent Windows Store App Updates To block internet access to the VM whilst the image is building, we’ll use the script from Peter Löfgren’s System Center Ramblings post.

First create a Power Shell script called Internet-Access.ps1 with the following code: ## Creates the disable option used by the script param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$False, Position=0)] [Switch]$Disable ) ## If the Disable command line option is not added, the script adds a Firewall Rule to block traffic on ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). $Disable) ## If the Disable command line option is added, the script removes the Firewall Rule created above.

Importing Packages Importing Applications (Optional) You may want to add some applications to be a part of your reference image, here I’ll cover how to add Microsoft Office.

MDT recognises Microsoft Office and provides automated/silent install options.

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