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SEX SCENE 1: All of a sudden Stacy has Libby on the ground next to the car, tearing off her shirt with her teeth: https://s14.pixxxels.org/w8mcrfidd/Sex_Scene_1Meanwhile Honey is leaning against the car right next to them listening to music with her headphones on: https://s14.pixxxels.org/vcpvcdlo1/Leaning_On_https://s14.pixxxels.org/kr5zzz2dd/Beginning dialog: Stacy: Don’t worry Lib, I know of a great way to pass the time! (Cut to a close up side view of Honey’s head.) Honey: Sheesh what is taking so long? (As always, each time a girl gets fucked their expression should go from shock to pleasure as they start enjoying themselves.) END OF SEX SCENE 1.

page=post&s=view&id=2735654 Holly Hoare (Holly Hotness) - same Hero outfit from "XXX Files: Episode 2" & New Police outfit: https:// BVa EVd_Sly ARIGYAAFyr7zuo XE507.jpg/2016Justin Boobitch (News Reporter Games) Frank (Watson’s Buff Police Academy Friend - XXX Files Intro) And of course Officer Phil Watson and his boss Police Chief Officer Juggs, Mighty Son & Major Borchev return from the previous episodes.

All for the eventual goal of dethroning Mighty Mom as the city’s symbol of justice.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggested Sex Scenes: (with example poses) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.

Nancy is let go to deliver a message, The Ghost Charmer wishes to challenge Mighty Mom with her army of spirit enhanced, possessed men and dethrone her as the city’s symbol of justice one and for all.

When Nancy arrives at the Mighty Family HQ, she finds only Holly.

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