Ups ground tracking not updating

For some reason when I go to the website I'm supposed to track on, , it tells me The tracking information is incorrect or the tracking data is not yet available. So I think UPS is using a bad tracking number and recycling it over and over. My question is, did the guy in the OP get his stuff or not? Thankfully I did it through paypal and got a full refund. Beware if you have this tracking number, prepare to be scammed.Verify the tracking information or try again at a later time." I am not sure if I am doing the tracking wrong or if the number given to me is incorrect. I would give it a day or two to update, as there is no reason that the e-mail you received (automated) would have contained a mistake since there was no possible chance for human error in the process. I order my games last Friday(Dec 7, 2012) and now I still can't track the shipping. I talked with UPS and they told me the shipping number is not exist. Even if the number is bad, the address it is getting sent to should be ok correct? UPS Customer Service offers a Virtual Assistant on its web page that offers assistance locating packages without tracking numbers.The assistant's advice to customers without tracking numbers is to double check all communications from the sender. if it showed delivered, and the person you sent it to did not receive it, that would be a different case all together.

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But there’s no need to panic – it is possible to recover your package and there are some backup plans to make sure you always know where your package is. This means the package was sorted by zip code, the postage was paid by UPS Mail Innovations, and it is currently being shipped to the appropriate Post Office for the final delivery. Can an address be changed after it enters the UPS Mail Innovations processing facility or the USPS? It would be extremely difficult, once the mail enters the UPS Mail Innovations processing facility, to locate a particular mail piece. You can either go to the Post Office to pick up the mail piece or call the phone number listed on the slip to arrange for delivery. How many attempts will the Post Office make before my package is returned? The Post Office will attempt to deliver your package twice. Then you enter your reference number and the date it was shipped and UPS will be able to locate your package when you select the track button.If you are the recipient of the package, check to determine if the sender used a reference number if you can’t locate a tracking number.

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