Vb net datetimepicker validating

This has been the case since Visual Studio 2003, it would seem to be a bug.The event I'm currently using for my datetimepicker dtp is the "value changed" event.The Date Time Picker control allows selecting a date and time by editing the displayed values in the control.If you click the arrow in the Date Time Picker control, it displays a month calendar, like a combo box control.

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Kettering Read articles on My Blog 101 LINQ Samples JSON Validator XML Schema Validator "How Do I" videos on MSDN VB.

However this does not fire when the user selects the same date again.

Is there an event which also catching the above case.

I want to put in some validation so that my users can only select days in the future..a future appointment date Any ideas ?

Thanks I'm not certain what version of Visual Studio you're using - I'm still using 2003 however we have purchased and installed 2008 and I am preparing to start using it in the next week or two..

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