While validating that device serial1 was really a serial port

Connecting to the cloud after reset or wake-up sends just a reconnect message, using 135 bytes of data.A key requirement for the device to be able to determine that the existing session can be reused is that the functions, variables and subscriptions are registered BEFORE connecting to the cloud.This allows devices to talk to each other very easily.

It is ok to register a subscription when the device is not connected to the cloud - the subscription is automatically registered with the cloud next time the device connects.Should a device becomes unreachable from the cloud (such as a timed out function call or variable get), one possible cause of this is that the keep alives have not been sent often enough.The keep alive duration varies by mobile network operator.Subsequent reconnections to the cloud while the device is still powered does not resend this data.Instead, a small reconnection message is sent to the cloud, which uses 135 bytes.

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