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She says her Cuban father is dame near as black as the ace of spades(so she says he’s black). Cuba is a country composed of three main ethnic groups (Spanish, African and indigenous). YE171qky9weo1_1280Log in to Reply lol dumb bitch, you know what an Indian looks like right? Just bc someone doesn’t look the way you want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t that ethnicity. Being proud and being insecure are two different things. :) Oh, and I’ve been reading your comments on other people ethnic pages for years now and you should be happy I took the time to reply, right? @WTF Right you go why don’t you stop bullying people why can’t leave people alone if you can’t say anything nice don’t say nothing at all i want you this leave website please and never comeback your not welcome here. Older scientists incorrectly labeled horn Africans as caucasoids in the past just to alleniate Africans and promote racism.

Her Salvadoran side also has African blood from a great grandfather who was mulatto Log in to Reply “Millan” is a Spanish name. His father is Spanish surname and have appearance of being Spanish. I guess not since you’re over here saying she looks Indian. Log in to Reply @WTF Yes Halle Berry does not look half white and black to me, she looks typically how people look when they are part Indian (from India) and Black African. Log in to Reply You’re obviously a troll so I’m not going to waste any more of my precious time. I advise to look at this video and even download it. But Horn Africans are black Africans and not Caucasoid anything.

Birth Name: Christine Marie Flores Place of Birth: Jersey City, New Jersey, U. Date of Birth: September 26, 1981 Ethnicity: Cuban (including African, likely some Spanish) Christina Milian is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Log in to Reply Everyone google West African Taureg women, whom are considered subsaharan black women. Log in to Reply @Follers, I think pretty black African descent women, who acknowledge that they are, seems to make people upsett. Log in to Reply First off what’s an example of a “Pure Bred Negroid”. Are Dinka in the Sudan…who are pitch black but can have dark blue eyes and striking features. Somalis are generally much darker than Ethiopians with close genetic ties with Tuareg, Amazigh and Beja. Sometimes Anthropologists or students of the subject come across as scientific racists.

Check7t, that’s the reason you sound like a “scientific racist” because you want to put African natives in a box.

Nowhere in Sub-Saharan Africa do people exhibit Caucasoid traits (so it’s not a case of an odd convergent evolutionary trait) without Caucasoid admixture.

Horn Africans (lots of them) are morphologically Caucasoid due to Semitic Caucasoid admixture.

Log in to Reply Lol, when she says “East African” she just means Horn Africans (Ethiopians and Somalians) who are generally Caucasoid in morphology themselves due to significant Semitic admixture.

No, genetically they are not as “black” as African-Americans, even if some do look black, structurally they are different as well as in terms of genome.

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