Who is justin chambers dating

Maya and Kaila are fraternal twins, and it might surprise some to know that Chambers himself is a fraternal twin to his brother Jason.

Justin adores his kids and says, And if you believe in rumors, then there’s also a speculation going on that this longtime couple is planning for the sixth baby in the house. Rumors follow that Chambers are planning for yet another child and their kids do not have any problem with it.

I think that suits them better." While our hearts sink a little, Chambers then added, "But hey, who knows? I was friends with my wife before we started dating." And while we agree that this does seem like a solid foundation for a good relationship, Chambers ended his answer by saying, "They have been friends a long time though.

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Yes guys, the handsome hunk, who is single on the hit TV show, is married.

They are blessed with five children: daughter Isabella, twins Maya and Kaila, Eva and son Jackson.

In January 2008, he admitted that he was suffered from a biological sleep disorder and had to admit into Los Angeles’s UCLA Medical Centre where he followed a healthy life style and practiced hot yoga.

Also in attendance was Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator!

Once Justin Chambers was rumored of expanding the family and waiting for the Baby No. The couple shares a happy life with their kids, and they have recently moved from their home in a suburb just outside of New York City to Los Angeles.

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