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He is best known for his work on sensory aphasia and poliomyelitis hemorrhagia superior.Both of these descriptions bear his name, as well as a form of encephalopathy induced by thiamine deficiency.Protected by a lack of wind and rain, the figures are hundreds of feet long best seen from the air. His original sets, marketed as "Mechanics Made Easy" produced in a rented room, were initially sold at only one Liverpool toy shop.

From 1880 until his retirement from the army in 1891, he worked for the U. In seismology, he pioneered a method to determine the depth of the focus of an earthquake and the speed of its seismic waves.

Promising himself he would return to Africa after his studies, he then moved to Ghent, Belgium to study Tropical Animal Husbandry, specialising in Tropical Fish Farming.

His studies took him to Rwanda where he completed a 5 week apprenticeship in Butare, and then to Ecuador where he worked with an Aquaculture Research Centre.

He wrote books on the disorders of the internal capsule and textbooks on diseases of the nervous system. British zoologist whose interests embraced comparative anatomy, protozoology, parasitology, embryology and anthropology.

He was one of the first to describe protozoan parasites found in the blood of vertebrates.

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