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It’s liable to teach them more about what everyday Americans are really like than anything else.” Okay, now, I want to recognize that this is a quote you can take bits and pieces of to make it mean whatever you want but I also think it should be pretty clear that Hank’s general point is my general point.If you think he’s saying you’ve got to be country to sing country, the only thing he says here that could be taken to mean that is, “You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly.” That does not mean you have to be country to sing country.Hank is from Alabama, he self-identifies as a hillbilly and a reporter just asked him why people in Europe like his hillbilly singing, so that’s what he’s talking about. Hank does seem to imply that “the common people” are more likely than “the educated, cultured kind” to appreciate country music and, presumably, try to make it. That would be a pretty stupid thing for anyone trying to sell records to say, don’t you think? Now, this entire topic of sincerity or what some people want to call “authenticity” is not something I’m going to talk about in an intro to one episode and never mention again.Second, I honestly do not believe he was speaking in literal terms about a certain amount of mule shit you have to smell before you can sing country music, like there’s some scientifically measurable critical mass, because that’s ridiculous. The vibe of his entire response is, “We’re the people of America who always end up eating the shit sandwich, so anyone around the world who’s ever had to eat the shit sandwich knows what it tastes like and can relate.” Also, if you think a farm is the only place that smells like shit then I can tell you right now that you’ve never been to New York City in the summertime. If he were still around we could ask him if he would grant that not all educated, cultured people are skating through life on old money. That goes for pretty much anyone or anything in any episode of the podcast. This episode is going to end up being one of the longest in the first season, which is pretty funny because, originally, this was just going to be a song episode, like “The Pill” or “Okie from Muskogee.” That one segment where I detail the way “No One Else on Earth” was released and speculate on the strategy and consequences of it? I wanted to really dig in to an end-of-the-century example of pop music on country radio and give whatever context may be necessary to understand it.I had a general awareness of how many decisions were not being made by Wynonna for herself in the ‘90s and I expected to talk about that but when I got to the year 1994, I realized this isn’t a story you can look at one little piece at a time.

Some people familiar with the full Hank Williams Sr.

I’m not sure if this was ever a part of the tabloid narrative – it probably was – but a common conspiracy theory I’ve often heard in person is that Naomi Judd never really had a liver disease.

Some people think The Judds just couldn’t stand each other anymore.

Because they’ve certainly gotten more long-term publicity out of being a dysfunctional family than they ever got from the Hepatitis C announcement.

I said “white people blues” and “white people rock” in this episode so I’m sure someone’s pissed about that.

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