Xbox not updating october 2016

This clear plastic is nearly invisible under the right viewing circumstances and makes the C6 look more like a floating window into another reality than a simple TV screen.

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Finally, we definitely need to note the LG OLED65C6P and OLED55C6P model’s excellent hardware and software qualities.

On an additional note, the C6 OLED models, unlike their B6 twins also offer users the benefit of LG’s great passive 3D technology, which we cover a bit more down below under “Highlights”.

What we also love is that despite the inclusion of this and the curved display of the C6, LG doesn’t charge more for these models than they do for the B6 TV.

Priced at a level that’s only a small margin higher than those of the best LG OLED models for 2015, such as the EF9500, the 65 inch OLED65C6P and 55 inch OLED55C6P version deliver considerably better HDR performance and some truly stunning levels of peak brightness that are not only super by the standards of OLED 4K TV technology but would also surpass or give many LCD 4K televisions a serious run for their money.

Since one of the biggest weaknesses of OLED against LCD has traditionally been it’s lower capacity for brightness, this is a wonderful new development to see and puts OLED televisions at a whole new level of superiority against their non-OLED cousins.

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